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Acne Medications Which One is Best

In our current society acne is becoming more and more common. It affects millions of people around the world. Recent studies report that almost everyone will suffer from this condition during their life.

For most of them the condition will disappear in time but for the rest the acne will become worst, seriously disfiguring the face due to the swelling of the skin. If you are amongst the people suffering from severe acne you should immediately look for a way to cure yourself with the right acne medication. With all the products available it is harder and harder to find the right treatment.

The best way to go about finding the righ cure is to consult a skin specialist on the various prescription medications available for acne. Prescription acne medications are designed for the particular needs of each patient. Acne: The Choices for Topical Medication Of the range of acne medications available, topical prescriptions are thought to be the most effective for an acne problem.

Studies show that the direct application of medication on the affected skin has the maximum healing impact, making topical application the most effective kind of medication. Topical acne medications can be of great help to persons with a mild to extreme acne problem. Acne starts to reduce or disappear within days of using this treatment. These topically applied medications also have other uses and benefits. They can help moisturize and nourish the skin and stop the signs of premature aging.

Constant exposure to the sun for instance causes premature wrinkles and acne treatments that contain retinoids will not only help cure acne, but also cause a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Oral Antibiotics and Acne Of course topical acne treatments are not effective for everyone, in some cases where the acne is severe, the skin might not respond to certain topical medication after a certain point. In these cases there are other options available to help destroy the bacteria that are responsible for acne like antibiotics. Keep in mind that antibiotics should never be self prescribed. You should always seek you doctor's advice before taking any antibiotics treatment as they can have some side effects.

Some side effects can cause permanent damages if the medication is taken recklessly. If you prescribed medication are not working as they should, you should consider returning to your dermatologist. He is the only qualified professional fully aware of side effects and will prescribe the correct medications that are suited to a particular person.

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