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Be Sexy Be Happy Be Fit With Easy Answers

Any woman can change her fat, frumpy body into a firm and sexy work of art - regardless of her age, what her mom looks like or former failed attempts at getting into shape. This applies despite the fact of so many people failing to achieve personal fitness success. But, so often it can be linked back in these fitness failure stories that a key ingredient was missing to begin with.

For so many women - this is where the secrets of becoming sexy, fit and firm can usually be discovered and implemented. Most people would agree there are concepts in every day living that apply to more than just one area of your life. A great example: - there are many lessons that I've learned in the health and fitness business that I utilize in my personal fitness and nutrition.

One of these big lessons has proven to be so valuable in my life - I know it could help you just the same. It has been an incredibly effective tool in allowing me to assist so many women in finding true success in their deep desire to become sexy, happy and fit. A few years back I began keeping a brief list of several questions that I would answer every 2 months, give or take a few weeks. As easy as this exercise may appear on the surface - it has undoubtedly helped me stay tightly focused and ultra clear on my true goals (both personal and business) and my genuine intentions - this has literally been priceless to me in many way, as you might imagine. Not surprisingly, before I made this a regular habit I would often get sidetracked and distracted. This would result in me not making much progress and greatly slowing the speed at which I moved toward my important goals.

Now, ever since I started doing this simple and quick review exercise, my business progress, my fitness, my health and all other areas of my life have been improving considerably and predictably Realizing the power this positive life exercise I thought it would be a great idea to list several health and fitness specific questions that you can utilize in the same manner, every few months to help keep you laser focused and constantly moving toward your personal goals in terms of your desired body improvements & physical enhancement wishes. Start right now and just take a few minutes to answer these critical questions. And please feel free to copy and print these for your own use at home or at work.

Here they are: What words would you use to describe the parts of your body that you are most unhappy with? In other words - What bothers you the most about your body? Question TWO - How do these trouble spots make you feel? Examples: Angry, depressed, fearful, embarrassed, ugly, resentful etc.? Question THREE - Describe your top goal for your body? If you could just wave a magic wand over your entire body what would it look like? Question FOUR - What would it mean to other areas of your life? As in relationships, choice of clothes, career, etc, etc.? After achieving these physical improvements how would you feel? Happy, sexy, attractive, empowered, younger, confident, in control, etc.? Question SIX - How much time are you willing to spend, daily, on your home exercise program in order to achieve your most coveted physical improvement goals? Is it 20 minutes, 35 minutes, 70 minutes, 95 minutes, etc.? Don't hesitate. Start doing this body enhancing exercise now.

Print this out. Then rewrite the questions by hand or type them on your computer and just answer each of them. Make it easy on yourself and keep it simple the first time through them And then try a more in depth version of your answers. Repeat this simple exercise every eight weeks or so. And be sure to follow through on acting in ways that are in line with how you respond the questions.

If you put this method into use you'll be quite amazed at what you can achieve regardless of all other factors or 'obstacles'. My words to you are: "You can be toned, sexy and fit.". And I say this after having seen it through many years of experience. I've seen it happen many times to women just like you. You can do it too.

Joey Atlas, MS - Exercise Physiology, is the Bestselling author of one of the best fitness books, Fatness to Fitness and the Author of the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover, Home Fitness Program for Females. Visit his sites for more hot tips and fantastic articles.

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