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Factors controlling your Body Building Success

The extent of your body building success depends on several factors including your genetic constitution, training, proper diet, adequate rest and recovery. Let us try to understand these factors so that we can have more realistic expectations from out workout sessions and improvise our body building efforts. Factor 1 - Genes: Many poor and mediocre performing body builders may often blame their genes for their poor performance in body building. Indeed, "genetic limitations" (which refers to the lack of sufficient inherent growth hormone levels) can hamper your bodybuilding results to a great extent and you need to consider this problem while troubleshooting. Factor 2 - Correct Training: Most body building beginners are too enthusiastic and tend to either over-train or are very much unfocussed (and work different body parts during a single workout session, which is very much unadvisable).

As a result, their bodybuilding efforts do not reap rich results. All beginners must chalk out a fitness plan and body building schedule for themselves in consultation with experts in their gym. Try to remain focused and do not over-train.

Choose a good body building exercise program depending on your goal that includes both cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. Factor 3 - Proper Diet: For building muscles, you need a proper diet. A 'proper diet' implies a highly nutritious wholesome diet.

Remember that proteins are the building blocks of muscles. So, if you want to build your muscles, then you must take a high calorie diet and aim at increasing your protein intake to at least 2 gm/kg of your body weight. Factor 4 - Rest period is crucial: Non-stop daily workout sessions can result in serious injuries and acute soreness of the worked out areas of your body. So, the muscles which have been worked need some rest to recover and grow into more healthy, strong and powerful muscles. Experts recommend a gap of 2 days between subsequent workouts to provide the much needed rest to the muscles. Factor 5 - Progressive Resistance: Body builders usually follow the principle of progressive resistance in order to stimulate further growth and development of your muscles.

Each time they workout, they try to exert your muscles a bit more than their previous workout. They gradually increase their training frequency, intensity and duration of their workouts, as a result of which their muscle fibers get adapted to the increasing demands by developing into bigger and stronger muscles. While you are strength training, you must always be extremely tired and almost unable to complete that last repetition. This serves as an indicator that you have exerted yourself to the maximum possible extent. In case you are able to complete the last repetition with relative ease, it is an indication that you can go for progressive overload and scale up your weights or increase the number of repetitions of your exercise.

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