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Know The Facts About Acne Before Treatment

Many people have differing views about acne. It is made worse when certain experts could not agree within themselves. However, it is better to know the facts about acne before trying any therapy or believing in untested ideas. Here are some known facts regarding acne before you seek any treatment.

Food - No food has been related to acne. However, if you feel that a type of food makes your acne worse, please stop that food after consulting your doctor. No conclusive evidence has yet pointed out to acne and its relation to food yet.

Frequent washing - Frequent washing of the acne-affected area will not treat acne. On the contrary, it may adversely affect your skin. Washing twice a day should be more than enough. Contrary to the popular belief of many people, acne is not caused by dirt.

It is the sebaceous gland that gets closed and forms the acne on your skin. Oral Vitamin A - Derivatives of vitamin A, called retinoids are used topically and orally to treat acne under medical supervision. If somebody takes excessive Vitamin A hoping that it will treat acne, which may make the health worse as Vitamin A in large quantity can have adverse effects on the body.

Medications - Some medications can bring on acne like cortisone, certain anti-tuberculosis drugs and some anti epileptic drugs. Chlorinated solvents can also cause work-related acne. Hereditary - If your parents had acne, it is likely that you inherit acne. Hormonal changes - Hormonal changes bring on acne.

The hormone, Androgen, is accountable for excess production of sebum. It is well known that women suffer from acne outbreaks during menstruation or pregnancy. Acne like conditions - Some other conditions such as folliculitis may appear like acne.

There are many other diseases that may mistaken for acne. They are Rosacea, Keratosis Pilaris or Perioral Dermatitis. Do not initiate self treatment, it is always better to get diagnosed by a doctor. When selecting an acne treatment, you could use some of these guidelines. First, select an acne treatment that is based on clinical research. Then choose an acne treatment that you can well afford.

No use trying an expensive treatment which you will give up half way. Ask about the usage requirements regarding your selected acne treatment before you start it. You may decide that it is not for you or you probably cannot follow the directions. Chose an acne treatment that it will work best for you. And finally, be patient. It takes time for acne to heal.

To find out more information on Natural Acne Treatment and other skin care related matters, visit Skin Care And Acne Resources.

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