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Lose Weight by Eating Only Good Carbohydrates and Proteins

Some carbohydrates carbs are simply sugars and starches that turn into fat. Some are healthy carbs and are necessary for your health. The secret to losing weight is in knowing which ones to eat and when. You will lose weight by choosing the good carbohydrates and good proteins in different combinations.

The debate over good and bad carbohydrates and good and bad proteins continues. Dieters and experts alike disagree on which foods are banned and which ones are healthy and can aid weight loss. Atkins experts will argue that proteins are good and you need to bulk up on them and reduce your carbs in order to lose weight. Similarly, the South Beach Diet requests that dieters limit their carbs to good carbs.

So how do you know a good carb from a bad one?

Good carbs are whole foods that are closest to the natural form possible, with a low GI (Glycemic Index) number and high fiber. Bad carbs are those made with sugar, white flour and alcohol. Consider whether the carb you eat is nourishing or if it is just empty calories. Empty calories fill you up fast, but leave you craving more. The more the food is refined and processed, the more it has been stripped of its natural nutritional value which makes them empty or bad calories. Examples of bad carbs include breads, baked goods, candy and soda.

Why Avoiding White Flour Will Help You Lose Weight

Anything made from white flour is a bad carb. It is best to avoid these foods when dieting. They offer no nutritional value and will leave you craving more.

Like white sugar, white flour is chemically refined and loses nutritional value in the process. Eating foods made of white flour will lead to weight gain because they are nutritionally void and contain gluten.

Furthermore, even whole wheat products are not good for your health or weight loss efforts. Whole wheat products are considered bad carbs as well because they have a high GI number. These types of food are stored as body fat.

Also watch out for foods labeled fat free because they normally contain unhealthy additives to make up for the missing fat.

Good carbs, on the other hand, are better choices for those trying to lose weight. They are digested slower; helping you feel full longer, are good for your heart and will aid weight loss success as part of a healthy lifestyle change.

The easiest way to increase your good carbs and decrease your bad carbs is to bulk up on the fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Research has shown that we need carbs for proper brain function. A sensible weight loss plan is one that promotes eating lean protein and good carbs.

The important thing to remember is to stop eating products made with sugar and white flour.

Be label savvy and read how much sugar is in the everyday products you use. Even artificial sugars will make you crave sweets and gain weight.

Good and Bad Proteins

Good proteins are the foundation of a healthy weight loss plan.

Lean proteins are satisfying, low in fat, low in calories and keep you feeling full longer. Proteins work to keep your blood sugar levels even and make your diet easier to maintain.

Good protein choices are fish, poultry and lean cuts of organic beef. Eggs, seeds, nuts, soy products and legumes like black beans and lentils are other good protein sources.

Include a healthy protein choice with most meals and snacks to keep hunger at bay and succeed at your weight loss goals.


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