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Perfect Breast Augmentation

The female bust or breast is the object of observation and beautiful breasts don't go unnoticed. They are also an object of desire by men and so, naturally a woman with an attractive bust gets a lot of attention, which is always very flattering and does wonders for her self esteem too. Having lovely breasts also means you can wear that evening dress with a low plunging neckline you always wanted to wear and carry it off with great effect. Unfortunately not all women have those perfect breasts of a Victoria's Secret model and even if they do have; time, pregnancies, babies, breastfeeding take their toll.

In former days exercise was all that you could do to recover your former glory. Now, however science has come to your aid and helps you get those Venus like breasts. Breast Augmentation as it is called, is available to you right here in Scottsdale, Arizona with one of the very best surgeons in the field, Dr Leon to attend to you. Where nature has let you down, we are there to do a 'Michael Angelo' job for you and get that sculpted look you always dreamt of. Perfect Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation is also called augmentation mammaplasty.

The procedure we follow is to use implants to increase the volume of your breasts and give you that fuller look. Whatever the reason you decide to go in for surgery, perfect breast augmentation is possible. The procedure is extremely safe and leaves you with the minimum scars. A brief description of the steps we take to achieve your goals: Anesthesia Breast augmentation surgery is done using anesthesia which is intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Incision An incision is made by a breast augmentation expert in an appropriate area so to leave minimum scars.

Incisions are either in the armpit area or the nipple. Choice of Implants You can either choose from saline implants or silicone implants. We help you choose the best option depending upon the anatomy of your breast, skin elasticity and type of body.

You come down for an initial consultation and we decide the best course of action for you. Recovery After your breast augmentation surgery, you have various recovery options to choose from. You can even choose to go home if you live in Arizona, provided a friend or caregiver can be by your side all the time. You can also opt to stay at a recovery facility or spa, again having someone to look after you as per Dr.

Leon's instructions. About Dr. Leon Dr.

Leon is a practicing surgeon specializing in breast augmentation and has had an illustrious career in the U.S army and air force and heavily decorated for his services. He graduated from the University of Mexico and did general surgery residency at Colorado State Hospital and the Veterans Administration. He also held important posts at the Holy Cross Hospital and the Santa Cruz County Health Dept. He is licensed in the states of Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

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