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Research Results and Facts on Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has been characterized as a serious disease that strikes mainly women. This is the reason that most people and experts in the field of medical science and research have devoted themselves who make a research on breast cancer and other factors revolving it. Here are some of the results concluded by these experts with some known facts about breast cancer. A) How common is this disease? Breast cancer is very common in the UK.

It is sad but true that about 44,000 women are diagnosed with this deadly disease each year. This actually estimates to about more than 100 women in a day. Though this disease is rare in men, about 300 men every year are diagnosed with this disease.

Medical experts have warned that the rates of this disease have increased by 50% over the last twenty years. In UK, this rate has been increased by about 12% in last 10 years. Women over the age of 50 are usually diagnosed with this disease. B) Surviving the disease Today, fortunately, more women are surviving this disease. The survival rates have actually improved in the last twenty years. The reason is the increasing awareness of this disease and early diagnosis.

C) Causes of breast cancer Exact causes of breast cancer are not known. However, the experts have a drawn certain conclusions on the basis of the studies and researchers they have made. Here are some of the causes that may be responsible for the development of breast cancer. a) Woman with a family history of breast cancer can develop this disease. Usually women with their mother, sister or daughter diagnosed with this disease are at greater risk.

b) Obesity is another major reason for the development of this disease. This increases the risk of post menopausal breast cancer by up to thirty percent. c) Women who have been under or are using HRT or hormone replacement therapy for about five years or more than that can develop this disease. The treatment increases the risk of the development of this disease by 35 per cent. d) Women using oral contraceptives are more vulnerable to breast cancer development as compared to those who are not using any oral contraceptive methods. e) Alcohol consumption is yet another cause of increasing the risk of the development of this serious disease.

f) Less active lifestyle is another reason for the development of breast cancer. One should lead an active lifestyle. Make sure you exercise daily for at least half an hour at stretch or go for a walk.

D) Risk factors - Benign breast cancer - Age - Personal history of breast cancer - Family history of breast cancer - Reproductive history such as age at menarche, parity, age at menopause, age at first birth and breast feeding - Endogenous hormones - Exogenous hormones - Body weight - Mammographic density - Physical activity - Height - Diet - Alcohol - Ionizing radiation - Socio-economic status E) Treatment options There are several treatment options available from surgery to medication. However, medical experts believe that early diagnosis of this disease is the best treatment.

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