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Smoking Bans Since

California was the first state in to ban smoking in bars, casinos and restaurants in 1998. In the ten years which have followed, New York, Arizona, Florida, Colorado and now Oregon have joined the trend. In 2001 government officials argued both sides of this heavily debated issue, in the end the bill passed. Two important issues made their way to the front of the debate, establishing a healthy work place and a smoke free environment for non-smokers.

By passing the bill Oregon helped look out for the health of all Oregonians. Smoking use to be allowed in the work place for many years. However throughout the 80's and early 90's law makers in Oregon again worked to create a healthy work place by banning smoking at indoor job sites. However at the time, this legislation did not include outlawing smoking in bars, restaurants, casinos or bowling alleys.

As more and more research came out regarding the health issues with second hand smoke, this issue was brought into the light, however there was no change. In 2001 Oregon decided it was time to create an equal law which would include workers in restaurants and bars. The new law makes smoking in any work place such as casinos or bowling allies illegal for all by 2009.

Dining out, club hopping, a bowling date, all of these things should be remembered as an experience, not as an experience in a cloud of smoke. In the past restaurant and bar owners offered both a non and smoking section. However after examining the filtration systems in restaurants, health officials reported increased chances of second hand smoke health problems. Smoke does not filter out to the outside because of the ventilation systems in buildings. This makes the smoke stale and thick. Many people avoid places such as these because of this one reason! Then once the health risks are added, no one wants to smell and have cancer at the same time! The only way to insure a healthy environment is to have smoking outside.

This has an appeal to non-smokers because not only can they dine and actually smell their dinners but they can also not worry about developing other health risks. For restaurant workers, they are able to also rest easy and know their work environment is not causing them cancer. Some opponents to the bill felt it was taking away the right for an adult to choose what they do to their own bodies. However what they failed to see what by smoking in public places the smoker is taking away the right for a non-smoker to be healthy.

In Oregon a compromise was made, smoking would be allowed outdoors. While this does not agree with everyone on each side of the issue, it is a fair compromise for bars and restaurants which have outdoor seating available. Smoking can effect everyone who is exposed to it. Being exposed to second hand smoke exposes non-smokers to all the same risks as if they smoked. They can develop lung cancer, emphysema, and asthma. Some feel by working in places where smoking is allowed such as bingo halls or clubs, the employee is knowingly exposing themselves to smoke and the health risks.

However, previous legislation promised a smoke free work environment for all, not simply for those who can work a better job. Oregon is taking strict steps to enforce this bill as it is something Oregon law makers believe in. There are fines and other consequences for being non-compliant to this bill for business owners.

Being healthy and making sure Oregon workers are healthy is something in the forefront in the minds of all Oregon law makers and it should be the same for all Oregonians. No one wakes up one morning and thinking they want to die of lung cancer, it shouldn't even be an option.

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