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The Problems Of Prostate Cancer What You Need To Know

What is the prostrate? It is a male gland and it can be found between the bladder and the urethra. The problems start when this gland gets enlarged or inflamed. No one really knows why this cancer occurs and there is a lot of research being done to find the cause. What is known, however, is that men are prone to it as they get older and very often it is the cause of death. What is even more worrying is the fact that more and more younger men are also suffering from it today. What are the signs of prostrate cancer? Initially, nothing much.

There might just be a bit of discomfort and the urge to urinate at night. There could be pain, too. Some of the other signals are; burning or pain while urinating, interrupted flow of urine, inability to pass urine even if the desire is present, pain during intercourse, blood in the urine or stiffness in the back and thighs. No, any of these symptoms does not mean that you have prostrate cancer. It just means that because you have some of the symptoms associated with it, it could be wise to go and have yourself checked up by a doctor.

The problem is that with prostrate cancer comes the risk of it spreading to other parts of the body. The cancerous cells that take shape here spread through a process called metastasis to other parts of the body especially the bones. Most men are embarrassed to talk about it and try not to bring it up till it's unbearable.

However, where the prostrate is concerned the sooner you get treatment in case of anything wrong, the better. It really is never too early when it comes to this condition where the risks are so high. Why very early detection might just mean a complete cure. What are the treatments for prostrate cancer? The simplest and the most reasonable as far as costs go is orchidectomy which is actually surgical castration.

The effect is more of a psychological loss than a physical one. It is also treated with the help of female hormones in a rather expensive treatment. This is administered orally but can have side effects like thrombosis.

What it effectively does is a kind of a castration of a different kind by pumping a male with female hormones. What is also being tested for prostrate cancer is a natural cure; capsaicin, the ingredient in peppers which has been observed to make cancerous cells kill themselves. It is this ingredient that makes your mouth burn and makes you cry out for water.

There are ongoing studies in this area. Another treatment is radiotherapy which uses radiation to kill the cancer cells. This is a painless procedure but the side effects are a cause for concern as it could lead to bouts of diarrhea and impotence. Yet another treatment like this is Brachytherapy where radioactive elements are introduced to prevent the cancerous cells from growing.

All in all, this is one condition where speed is of the essence. Get checked if you are a male and you are over 50. Even if you are not, go see the doctor if you are a male and you have any of the prostrate cancer symptoms.

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