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Why People Flex Muscles And Pose In Public Gyms Isotension

When you are working out at the gym, did you notice that some people will pose and flex their muscles in front of a mirror after every set of exercise? Why are these people these narcissistic and shameless show offs, you must have wondered, didn't you? Let us pause for a moment and think again. Have you ever wondered why these show offs have bigger muscles and their overall muscle definition is more ripped than the other guys in the gym? There must be a reason for that don't you think so? Is there something they knew about flexing their muscles and posing that you don't? Yup. Spot on. They know what Isotension can do to their muscles.

What is isotension Isotension, when incorporated into your weight lifting routine, can help you to get that 'ripped defined musculature' appearance with muscle cuts, clear vascularity and striations visible. Many professional bodybuilders swear that isotension is one of the best way to increase your muscle hardness and definition. What is isotension? Isotension is the contraction of muscles without using weights. You just pose and flex your muscles hard. For example, if you flex your abs hard and hold it in the flexed position, you are performing isotension exercise. The best time to perform isotension exercises is during your workout sessions.

When combined with high-intensity weight training, the results you get from isotension training can be astounding. Do it and see what happens to your body just in a few weeks time. You will see your muscles much more defined than could have imagined. Why is isotension conditioning so effective for getting harder and ripped muscles? This is because Isotension enhances muscular shape and separation.

It is through hard contraction of muscles that forced increased blood flow into your muscles and forced excess water out resulting in a reduction of water retention in the muscles. That is why your muscles look hard and solid because of lesser water retention. Isotension increases muscle surface vascularity by maintaining increased vascular blood pressure. Isotension also help to improve mind and muscle connection.

It conditions your mind to exert maximum pressure into the contraction of a muscle resulting in the development of mind and muscle connection. A good mind to muscle during weight training can help you to isolate your target muscles much more effectively and this is important in targeting the muscle being exercised. Many people may feel uncomfortable posing and flexing their muscles in the gym when there are other people around.

If you are one of them, then it is up to you to decide what do you want. Do you prefer to preserve to your modesty or use isotension to get that ripped defined body that you have always yearned for? The choice is yours.

Chris Chew is a fitness personal trainer and author of "Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast". More articles at his site and blog Lose weight tone muscles articles and Weight loss camps info

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